About Us

As a CEO or a founder of a start-up company you know that while every decision counts, the strategic decisions are the ones that will ‘make it or brake it’. Superior strategic decisions require experience, understanding, data and data analysis. This is where the expertise of Cognum Innovation comes into play, focusing on results rather than “the buzz”.


New start-ups launch daily, aiming for the stars. Reaching them requires not only innovation, but also experience and sense-checks along the way. Professional analysis, of both your offer and the marketplace, can prove to be a true eye-opener and a critical step to fulfilling your goals. 


From a series round-A stage onwards, Cognum Innovation’s analytical team will help you shape a strategic go-to-market plan, financial and organizational roadmaps, and establish strategic partnerships. Hand-in-hand we will innovate creative business solutions, accelerate your processes and connect you to new investors and potential partners. 


If you are at seed stage, Cognum Innovation will help you define the scope of your horizons, capture it into a planning process, and help you form a realistic plan that fits your capabilities. We can help you target your technology and proposition into business models and target markets.


At all times, you remain the pilot in command. Our function is to be at your side when needed, and provide access to top-tier executive consulting. Cognum Innovation will help create value, engineer partnerships, and steer you towards the safest – and most exciting – course of action.



Headed by Yaron Tal and Uri Cohen, Cognum  Innovation is part of Cognum (formerly "Itzhak Swary Ltd.") one of Israel's most prominent financial consulting firms. Its new boutique outfit allows start-up companies to enjoy the team’s exceptional experience, expertise and business perspective, tailored specifically for the Hi-Tech world. This is Cognum Innovation. For you, as a start-up CEO or a Hi-Tech investor, we provide the benefits of more than 50 years’ experience, having helped dozens of corporations land successfully at their business destinations.

Our Team

Yaron Tal

Yaron Tal

General Partner - Cognum Innovation

Uri Cohen

Uri Cohen




You need funding. We know investors. More importantly, we know exactly what investors expect from you. Just as a flight can’t commence without Air Traffic “clearance”, your next round can’t materialize without a deal structure, updated Data Room, full in-house Due Diligence, tech and clinical presentations, Executive Summary and a spellbinding Investor Pitch. Working with Cognum Innovation, you will be fully cleared for take-off.



The simplest fact is often overlooked: a new business requires a clear idea of its destination. With that in mind, we can jointly develop an effective strategy as to how to reach success. This includes Value Creation, Product Definition, a viable Business Model, Market Analysis, Strategic Partners, and finally a Go-to-Market plan. Yes, it requires work, but as our sages said, better “the long path that is short.” 


Based on your needs and scope of work we will deliver:

  • Strategic company and product road map

  • Market analysis and competitive analysis 

  • Go-to-market plan 

  • Investors Doc and data room