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Economic Models

Cognum is engaged in providing consulting and analytical services in connection with business and economic models.

The firm has developed economic models for streamlining the financial management of companies. In this area, the firm developed an economic model enabling control over product prices set by monopolies. The model, known as the "Swary Model", is used by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Manufacturers' Association of Israel, and the Ministry of Health.

In addition, the firm developed a special model allowing control over the price setting of dairy products by the Ministries of Finance and Agriculture.

The National Insurance Institute commissioned the firm to develop an economic model for payment of nursing services.

The Union of Insurance Companies and the Supervisor of Insurance, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, authorized the firm to develop an economic model for supervising the capital of insurance companies.

Cognum designed a model for both the Ministry of Finance and the mortgage banks used for fixing the rate of the commissions collected by the banks.

In the area of transportation, the firm reviewed the economic model of the "Carmel Tunnels" project for investor groups.

Cognum advised major corporations, such as ICL (2010) on implementing a dividend policy, taking into consideration the preservation of the companies' financial strength.   


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