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Many companies reach a stage at which they need to reorganize their business, the structure of their holdings and/or their debts to banks and other parties. Cognum has accompanied the largest corporations in the market through processes of this sort, while providing comprehensive consulting on all aspects. These reorganizations concluded with successful completion and implementation of the process including tax and accounting aspects, regulatory aspects (Securities Authority, Stock Exchange and the Anti-trust Authority), valuations and debt restructuring.

Cognum took part in the reorganization of the Delek Group, one of Israel’s largest and most important holding and energy companies, including preparation of an updated portfolio, granting advice with respect to tax and accounting matters, and representation of the group before the relevant authorities and the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. In addition, the firm took part in the reorganizations of the two leading Israeli public transportation corporations - Dan (2002) and Egged (2011). Another prominent example is the reorganization plan for the General Health Clinic Fund, which provides health-related services to about 70% of the Israeli population. When the Fund encountered economic difficulties that threatened its existence, Cognum formulated a recovery plan and was appointed as the party responsible for overseeing the Fund’s compliance with the conditions of the recovery plan.


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